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Met a Clive Cussler fan last night! Are you a watch collector too? Check out the Cussler DOXA collectible watch on Ebay – its got to go soon so I can have my puppy! ūüôā

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The phrase “philosophy determines attitude which determines and guides actions and those actions create results” Not just a phrase, but an amazing life concept when its really applied with great desire to succeed!

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Coming out of the last few years of economic confusion, how are you all coping, surviving and who has found a way to thrive in 2010?

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I am putting together a comment blog based on my book. Any book comments from those that have read it would be greatly appreciated! Didn’t read yet? autographed copies available contact me or!

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Wow, I didn’t realize how lost I was without my web presence! Both sites operational again and all is right with the world. Protect your online presence, its important to your business! &!

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Life in server land is once again doing its best to make me crazy. Both my execsolutions and businesswomenspeak websites are down. Of course the weekend is here so I am learning patience!

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Wow has January just run with the 2010 theme! Better news every day in our lives and I know its happening because we believe it to be a better place than 2009. My goals include blogging on issues that will help business owners – everyone can see if I can meet my goal ūüôā

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Two days till Christmas – where did the time fly away to? I hope we can slow down just enough to embrace the moments of life that are important – take the time to say thank you to those who care about you!

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Holiday Spirit – this year more than ever before

Well, I don’t think many people will be too upset to see 2009 in the record books. Unfortunately its a record in too many negative ways.¬† There is a silver lining at the end of this 2009 tail: People, Relationships, Trust,¬† Savings, Family, Spirituality, Faith and Hope.

Yes, these are words I associate with 2009:

People Рhow many people did you personally connect with this year?  I connected with many more people than I had in a long time. I talked to old friends, classmates, college alumni, an amazing amount of people, all in an effort to touch the hearts and minds of lost friends Рit was good for the soul and put a smile on my face.  You never know who will be the connections of your future until you touch the past.

Relationships:¬†Wow, change your perspective and find out who your real friends are!¬† Relationships are a two way street. Sometimes you can give and give and give and never receive.¬† Why?¬† Well who really knows but you may discover that people only associate with you if they think you are in the “acceptable” categories of which they approve!¬† I added a whole new business approach to my life this year – many have judged and exposed the place in life they are coming from – such as “we are too good for you now that you don’t fit our “idea” of what you should be”¬† – Well, in reality I am still who I am just expanding my business applications.¬† In this case – really finding out who is a “fair weather friend!”

Trust – big word for 2009.¬† When all looks well – everyone wants a piece of you, especially for free, when things don’t look as well – then the true trust in relationships is revealed.¬† I trust different people today then I did two years ago – my gut senses are working really well and that makes 2010 an exciting future to look forward to fulfilling!

Savings – I think most of the US market realizes that savings matter.¬† The WWII generation lived by this motto, but the 60’s and 70’s generation lived for the now.¬† The Dave Ramsey have it, save it, free yourself in the future motto is one that many people will now live by and be better for.¬† This may give our lifestyles a little shove into contraction for a while but in the long run, just as a company watching their actions will benefit and be stronger, so will the individual benefit and be stronger.

Family and Spirituality РNo matter how far away your family is physically, we are better connectors today Рwhy?  Now we realize all can be lost in a moment and people/family and your spirituality will be the sustaining factors is the storms of life.  Never should we turn our backs on this, always should we celebrate it.

Faith and Hope РYes, I am a faith-based person Рhope will always spring eternal because I have more to do and contribute than I have in the past.  I will not allow the day-to-day noise to override the most important realization that I have hope!

So, take these few words and think if they apply in your life.  May you have the most blessings that this Holiday season can bring to you and without a doubt it will be a Happy New Year!

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Busy Christmas shopping and forgot about tax time prep? Don’t forget you have only the rest of December to add a home based business to your tax life. Trust me you will be happy you did!

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